Velvet Room Mastering

Making Your Music Sound Better


File formats: stereo 24 or 32 bit files from 44.1 kHz up to 384 kHz sampling rate. If you need to work with DSD files please get in touch.

Sample rates and word-length
: use your session target rate and bit depth, if the session is 24 bit/48kHz your mix files should be the same All files should be clearly labelled. B-Wav (Broadcast Wave) is a worldwide standard although AIFF and SD2 file formats are also accepted. Please avoid MP3 and other lossy format. These should only be used as a last resort if full resolution files are no longer available.

Analogue tapes
: should be clearly labelled with CCIR/NAB equalisation curves, speed, noise reduction type (N.R:) if any. Tapes should be stored tail out and have a least a minimum set of of test tones (100Hz - 1kHz - 10kHz). A full set would be ideal.

: have your ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) and UPC (Universal Product Code/Barcode) ready BEFORE the scheduled session.

: compression on the mix bus is an art in itself that requires talent and practice. If it is part of your sound (the sound of your mix) by all means keep it.

: we recommend the use a digital brick-wall limiter for quick reference copies for your clients or band only. Please provide unlimited mixes for your mastering session.

Should you have any questions, curiosity or doubts please use the form provided on the Booking & Info page to contact us, we are always happy to help!